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23 May 2019 Surviving the post election blues

Surviving the post election blues

In 2013 Tony Abbot became Australia’s PM and personally that was as low as I thought we would ever go as a country. He won on pure negativity, at the time I thought I well, this will be it, we will never be that silly again.  I remember how sad people were at that moment and I myself was worried...

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16 May 2019 Why 100% renewable energy is on its way

Why 100% renewable energy is on its way

Like most people I don’t completely understand why the Murdoch press, the Liberal Government and others are so dead against clean air, water and a liveable, thriving planet? I can understand why Adani and Equinor are keen to keep ringing the last drops out of fossil fuels as they stand to make...

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09 May 2019 Why Jacinda Ardern is adding to the appeal of New Zealand

Why Jacinda Ardern is adding to the appeal of New Zealand

I don’t watch the television, rarely listen to the radio, and never buy a newspaper, and with Australia’s federal election coming up my reasons for this are more for self-preservation. You don’t have to be looking too hard to start wondering why it ended up this way, politically? And then I look...

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